A Letter From Dr. Stu


Dear Practice Members and Families,

I want to share this with you so that you can get to know me better and also better understand my passion for Chiropractic, your health and your family’s health.

We all live in hectic times and everybody has busy schedules, however, I follow my own motto of commitment, dedication and giving my all to everything I do. Whether, that is being a husband of 14, years to my wife Beth or a father to Matthew, my 13 year old son. Whether that be coaching Matthews baseball team, to doing magic for kids and of course in my professional life as a chiropractor. It is as a Family Chiropractor where I have dedicated my life and being to making this world of ours, not only a healthier world but a better world.

My full out commitment and dedication principle stems from a promise I made when I was 13 years old. As a child, I thought that I had it all. A close loving family and relatives, a roof over my head, financial stability, and a life full of joy, activity and constant love. Things changed when, at 13, my parents told my brother and I that they were separating. I, being very sensitive, (in fact I still am today), didn’t take that news very well. What made matters worse, was that I couldn’t live with my dad. I loved my mom very much, but as a teenage boy you can understand my desire to be with my dad. I can recall spending many nights crying to my dad on the phone about the predicament that I was in and my desire to be with him. The ironic turning point in this story is a night that I will never forget.

One night I had a fight with my mom and I recall leaving her room, slamming the door and screaming “This is why I want to live with dad”. I went to bed that night and woke up the next morning and went to school. I didn’t even say goodbye to my mom. This is something that I would later regret deeply. I came home from school that day and when the bus dropped me off I saw my dad’s car in the driveway. I was excited at first, but that emotion quickly turned to, “why is he here?” I walked in the house and there was my dad and brother sitting at the kitchen table with eyes of glass. My dad told me that my mom was very ill and was taken to the hospital shortly after I had left for school that morning. I was told that she could die. The next time I would see my mom was at her funeral. It was at that time that I told her that I was sorry. I promised her that I would grow up to be someone special, someone to make her proud and that I would commit myself to being a better person and that I would always strive to make this world a better place. This is why I became a chiropractor. I never break my promises. I’ve kept that promise to my mom (I know she would be proud of me), and I will keep my promise to each and every practice member that comes to my office. What is that promise, you ask? I will not let you down, when it comes to making you and your families healthier.

I just got finished coaching my son’s little league team. Boy, what a joy! My all out commitment and dedication to that group of eleven, eight year olds has paid great dividends to these kids developing self – esteem and athletic ability. One parent commented after 2 weeks of practice that her son has learned more from me in those 2 weeks than with any coach he has had over the last 3 years. My team learned about teamwork, compassion for others, and a can do attitude. This led to achieving skill levels that the kids and the parents never thought were attainable. I can’t wait until next season.

Children...I just love children. In fact, frequently I feel like I still am one. I’ve been known to dress up as the Easter Bunny, Elmo, Santa and even the Grinch. I go to my son’s school frequently each year, to entertain and educate. You see, I am also a magician. I perform at parties, charity events, and school functions. I always volunteer when it comes to putting a smile on children’s faces.

I wish that getting moms and dads to understand about health, wellness and chiropractic was as easy as waving a magic wand over an empty bowl and making a bowl of candy appear. You see society attracts negativity. It is constantly focused on treating and conquering sickness and disease. This has nothing to do with health and it never will. Our children are growing up labeled; ADHD, asthmatic, autistic, allergic and hyperactive just to name a few. Medicating with powerful drugs and overmedicating are, more times than not, counterproductive. Health can never be attained by treating sickness. It’s like rehabilitating a criminal after he’s committed the crime. It just doesn’t work. You were born healthy and it’s your god given right for you to be healthy, for a lifetime. Health comes from within, not from the outside. Your spine protects your most important body system, your nervous system. Your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in the body and adapts your body to the environment. Medical texts explain that when cells, tissues and organs function 100%, all the time, optimal health is maintained. In fact, Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine said “look to the spine for all causes of sickness and disease”.

I take being a Family Chiropractor very seriously. When a parent brings me their child, because they are frustrated or have been let down, I will look them in the eye and let them know that they are in the right place and that I will not let them down. Being a father myself, I know how precious life is and how important health is. When I say this, you know it is from my heart and when you refer your friends and family in, you can be assured that I will be equally committed to them.

I am passionate about your family’s health, just as much as I am passionate about my own family’s health. When people have a lack of health or are under distress or discomfort, it affects the entire family. Chiropractic adds more health so that you and your families can be the loving, caring people that you deserve to be.

My vision and lifelong dream is to bring true health to you, your family, our community and our world. I want everyone to experience the magic of chiropractic. I am truly honored and privileged to be your family’s chiropractor.

Respectfully yours,

Dr Stuart Menis


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Simply said I've been going to Chiropractors since I'm 16 and have seen six over time. I'm now 61. Only once before, and he retired, did I find a magician like Dr. Stu. He had me walking after coming in hunched over and not being able to get in and out of my car. Thank you Dr. Stu. My wife and I are so thankful that we found you."
    Bill M.
  • "I don't trust just anyone with my spine. Dr. Stu has adjusted me many times. He's awesome."
    Dr. Jonathan G.
  • "Dr. Stu is awesome! I can always count on him to make my neck and back feel new again."
    Colleen O.